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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you closed at busy holiday times??
We are a small operation and make each order fresh just for you. We can only accommodate so many orders per day and due to Covid restrictions/changes/health.... staffing has been tricky. As well, we fill up fast - and thus, instead of answering your calls with a steady stream of "no's" we have decided to take what we can accommodate and then close for the remainder of the time. We do apologize - and encourage giving at other times throughout the year.

Which size is depicted online?
Bouquets shown are usually a large.

Will my container be the same as that shown?
We will do our best to match shape and colour to that shown or for your occasion. Containers do vary.

Can I change my order somewhat?
If you'd like to change your bouquet, we recommend you call us to discuss options 705 450 4505. If it's a simple change - colour of swirl, change of topping, just include it in notes when you complete your order.

What if I want to order more than one arrangement?
We ask that you complete two orders - one for each item - as notes and delivery fees will be different for each.  If all orders are going to same address, you may place only one order and indicate separate notes (in same notes section) for each.

What if I want to Pick UP my order?
That's fine! Indicate in notes what time it will be picked up. We'll have it ready and waiting

Can I order same day?
Yes you can but we do prefer 24 hour notice.  If you do need same day please allow time for prep.  If you order in the am we recommend delivery or pick up in the pm.  Please be advised that same day orders must be placed before 12pm to guarantee same day delivery.

Does my bouquet go out with a "title" linked to it?
No it does not. The name lets us know what you've chosen. Most bouquets are suitable for most occasions.

How long will my bouquet keep?
We recommend your fruit be consumed within 24 hours and be refrigerated or kept cool until consumed. The remainder can be taken apart and put into containers for storage.

Do you do Weddings?
Yes we do. We offer trays of fruit, veggies, and kabobs.  We do favors (apple and strawberry) and of course - fruit arrangements!  If you have specific colours in mind, or a special theme, please call to chat or drop by the shop. Bringing in an invitation can help as well.  If you need us to deliver and set up, a small fee may apply.

Do you make anything small for when I just want to send a little gift?
Yes we do! Search "Smaller Gifts" and Add Ons.

My recipient has allergies, what can I do?
We do use walnuts and almonds in the shop and peanut butter in our smoothies - but we also stock a nut/gluten/dairy free chocolate and have set aside some nut/gluten free options.

Pick something with less colour and/or "decor".  Search "allergy" and add the "Allergen Sensitive Item" to your cart, then leave us a note as to what the allergy is.  We will prepare your item first, and away from contaminants.  Alternatively, call the shop and chat 705 450 4505. 

It has always been our mission to provide a healthy treat that everyone can enjoy. We do our best to avoid cross contamination.

Do you work with businesses?
Yes we do!  Call, email, or drop in to chat. We can come up with something for almost any budget. 

Where do I input my savings code if I have one?
If you are a member of our mailing list or in store rewards program and happened to receive a savings code you will be prompted for it before you check out. If not, call the store 705 450 4505 and relay the code. We can complete your purchase in store.